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Ebook Download Maggie and the Stubborn Swede still selling, available now on Kindle.
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When I published my ebook download Maggie and the Stubborn Swede, I really did not expect much of a splash in the real world. I have been amazed and humbled at the readers who have taken the time to email me and write reviews for Amazon. I appreciate the encouragement and comments from each of you as you have discovered Maggie’s world. I hope that you will continue to read my next books as I pour my heart and soul into their stories.

I love to read historical fiction because it makes history come alive for me. I’m not much of a statistics reader, and I hate to read timelines since they have no soul. An historical fiction book opens my eyes to real people and their struggles. I cannot imagine, even after writing about it, the horrible fear that Maggie must have experienced when she saw 3 trillion grasshoppers. The sheer numbers of them, not counting their destructive actions, would have paralyzed me from being useful in any manner.

What do you think about this historical event? Did you writhe in fear or was this too big to imagine?

Mary Jane Carpenter
It’s never too late for happily ever after

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