Mary and the Marauding Indians

Mail Order Bride Wanted: 49 year old retiring soldier desires young bride who wants children. Must be very neat and cook a good roast beef and apple pie. Slovenly women need not apply. Lt. Col. William Lewis has been in the army since he was 15 and entered West Point. Army life is all he’s ever known, but a wife is what he wants now. He thinks what would suit him best would be a young wife so he can start a family quickly. Mary Thompson has cared for children all of her life, as she is the fourth daughter of ten, growing up in rural Arkansas. She loves children, cooking and sewing. Her three older sisters were mail order brides and she thinks it’s her time now. William and Mary agree to marry and raise a family, but Lt. Col. Lewis has one more mission to complete. The Northern Cheyenne have left Ft. Reno in Indian Territory and fled to Kansas to return to their homelands. They don’t like the limitations of reservation life and are longing for Montana. The Cheyenne, led by Little Wolf and Dull Knife, sneak out of the reservation and cross over into Kansas. When the Army hears of the escape, they send Lt. Col. Lewis in pursuit. Mary arrives in Dodge City while Colonel Lewis is on patrol. She refuses to accept that his life may be in danger. Then the unthinkable happens and Mary is alone. Whatever will she do now?

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