Inspiration for New ebook on Drowsy Day

Ebook writing is much Harder to do when Sleepy

When I reach the point of drowsiness with no hope of ebook creating, I search for images on Google for inspiration. Today, these are the images that inspired me to continue with Mary and the Marauding Indians.

photo by Marci Penner
old cabin, old windmill, and new wind turbine on the prairie

Looking at the old Santa Fe trail that still lingers in the tall grass prairie compels me to write their stories because I don’t want to forget their efforts to open the west to occupation by the easterners.

Here is a collage of two images of the Santa Fe trail, one of the markers on the trail, there are many and I just picked one. The other image is of the ruts left in the grass that still show today in the bright sun.


On another note, today Maggie and the Stubborn Swede has almost hit the pages read mark that will give me royalties. When offering a free ebook through Kindle Press, the author is paid a percentage of pages read when they reach a specific point. I should cross that threshold tomorrow. Please read your copy and then pass it to another reader who you think would be interested. Thanks!

Mary Criswell-Carpenter
It’s never too late for happily ever after

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