Images for Inspiration for New eBook Katy

Ebook Images to Inspire

When I begin a new ebook, like I am doing today, I search the internet for appropriate pictures that pertain to the story. My newest story is called, “Katy and the Wolves at the Door.”  I am compiling these inspirational pictures to leave you clues and to help me to set the atmosphere for the story.


Katy is a young widow with two small daughters.  She has a homestead, a home, and 160 acres to maintain with no help.

In addition, the bankers are at the door trying to collect on the homestead note. Katy has to get a crop in the field to pay the current note. Katy advertises for a handy man to work on the farm but gets no replies. As the planting season is coming to a close, Katy gets desperate. Now she advertises for a husband!

Mail Order Husband Wanted: Widow with two small girls needs a husband that can work the farm and plant a crop quickly. Ne’er do wells need not apply. Dandies, gamblers, and traveling salesman are not wanted either. Must be kind to children. Apply to Kansas City Star, Box 44.

Are you interested in reading Katy and the Wolves at the Door?

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