First Subscribers Newsletter for Historical Fiction Lovers

In addition, in the next issue I will print the first chapter of Katy and maybe even the first chapter of Suzanna. I hope to target a mailing date of the 15th of the month. I will include an article regarding historical fiction also. These newsletters go out by email and are then linked to an online web page. You can see the pictures by going to the web version, at least that’s how it went on my personal copy emailed to myself. If you have things you would like to see, or articles you would like, please email me here at [email protected] and I will do my best to include them for your reading pleasure. I like lots of pictures when I look at anything, which is why I include pix on every blog post and newsletter. What kind of pictures do you prefer? I usually include a picture of either something relevant to the blog post or a scenic picture of Kansas. I do miss living there and would be there today if I could.  amazing-736875_1280

Mary Criswell-Carpenter It’s never too late for happily ever after    

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