Ebook Images Excerpted and Inspired by Mary and the Marauding Indians

Mary and the Marauding Indians Will Be Released This Weekend

Here is a photo collage of images taken from the story.


1865 Singer

I hope these Ebook images peak your interest as much as they have inspired me to write the stories of Mary and the Marauding Indians. The top left is Mary Thompson, the next photo is her sewing machine, next is Indian riders on the trail. We have the Northern Cheyenne Boundary sign for the Indian Reservation, Chief Little Wolf and Chief Dull Knife, and the Fort Dodge Officer’s Quarters.  All of these images and more are interwoven into the story of Mary Thompson.

I call these ebook images but in reality they are the results of my research while writing Mary and the Marauding Indians. I don’t put images in my books but I use them to keep the thoughts going and the creative muses alive.

What do these ebook images have in common? Hmm, you’ll have to read Mary and the Marauding Indians to know, won’t you? When you finish the book, would you please comment about your emotions and thoughts regarding Mary’s plight?

Thank you for reading my books and continuing to support my endeavors.

Mary Jane Criswell-Carpenter

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