eBook Giveaway Success for Mary and the Marauding Indians

eBook Free ebook day from Indie Authors

sponsored by SIA of Goodreads.com was a great day

The giveaway went just as we hoped, advertised on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and even Amazon, all of the indie authors combined saw their books fly off the screen.

They weren’t on the shelves as these were kindle and smashwords books, but I saw 333 disappear from my personal stockpile reserve of Mary and the Marauding Indians. Even better, or just as good from my perspective, a few intrepid souls purchased Maggie and the Stubborn Swede also.

New books coming soon

November, next month, will mark the release of Katy and the Wolves at the Door.  In December, I will have Suzanna and the Exodusters ready for publication.

I have a few fiction works lined up for 2016, working on some ideas even as we type. I have a few non-fiction titles to be released also.

Writing is going strong

I am still indulging in the joy of writing just for the fun of release. I would love feedback from you on the stories. Which ones do you like? What are the good parts? What is too boring and you skip the details? I know, I do too. Even when they are my favorite authors.


Tonight I end my post with another beautiful sunset from Ames, Kansas. This one room school house has stood and been used for more than 100 years. May we all be so blessed to stand and be used by God for 100 years!


Mary Criswell-Carpenter

It’s never too late for happily ever after

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