Cowboy Romance Katy and the Wolves at the Door

Newest Cowboy Romance is funny and endearing! 

Katy and the Wolves at the Door is a Cowboy Romance with no Dime Store Cowboys, only the real thing.

Katy and the Wolves at the Door is getting positive feedback as a funny Cowboy Romance. Readers are commenting on the LOL humor as the conflict develops between Katy and Jake.

Mail Order Husband Wanted:
Widow with two small girls needs a husband that can work the farm and plant a crop quickly. Ne’er do wells need not apply. Dandies, wranglers, gamblers, and traveling salesman are not wanted either. Must be kind to children. Apply to Kansas City Star, Box 44.

Katy is a young widow living on the Kansas Prairie alone with her two daughters. She has to find a way to support her family, farm her land, and keep her homestead, a daunting task for a pioneer woman that was raised in the comfort of St. Louis. There are no conveniences on the Frontier; every day is a struggle for survival. The predator wolves are just as bad as the predatory people! Katy is advised to advertise for a husband. Things get wild as Katy’s plight is spread across the Prairie and men come to call on the lonely, attractive, and home-owning widow! More than one man has his eye on Katy and her farm, but the one she is most interested in isn’t interested at all!


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