Chihuahuas: Tiny Treasures with Huge Hearts


My Chichi, aged 21
My Chihuahua, Chichi, aged 21

I’m proud to announce the publication of Chihuahuas: Tiny Treasures with Huge Hearts now available on in the Kindle format and in paperback.

This book focuses on how to care for a chihuahua, appropriate breed standards for the chihuahua, what and when to feed a chihuahua, and health issues unique to them.

On the front of the cover are my two young Treasures, Tippy and Chloe. They are the joys of my home, always affectionate and loving. I’ve raised 8 chihuahuas, all with different personalities, but I have a preference and passion for the breed.

If you purchase a chihuahua, please buy one from a reputable breeder. I bought one from a local unregistered breeder and the baby died before his first birthday. He was inbred and the veterinarian mentioned many physical issues with his health that contributed to his early death.

As you can imagine, this was horrible for us. I want to warn you so that you do not have this terrible experience also.

I suggest you first check with area shelters for an abandoned chihuahua. There are many healthy, already house trained, and grateful babies waiting for forever homes. The shelters will have their shot records and heart worm status. Most of the time they will also be neutered or spayed.


Chihuahuas: Tiny Treasures
Chihuahuas: Tiny Treasures with Huge Hearts


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